Title: Domain
Runtime: 97 minutes
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Best Feature Audience Award - Other Worlds Austin, 2016
Best Thriller - Boston SciFi Film Festival, 2017
Best Feature - Origins Film Festival, 2017
Best Narrative Feature - Macon Film Festival, 2017
Best Production Design - FilmQuest, 2017

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Writer/DirectorNathaniel Atcheson
Producer: M. Elizabeth Hughes
Co-Producers: Benjamin Kantor, Darren Uhl
Cinematographer: Benjamin Kantor
Music: Jonathan Snipes 
Production Design: Lauren Fitzsimmons
Costume Design: Romy Itzigsohn

CastBritt LowerRyan MerrimanSonja SohnBeth GrantWilliam Gregory LeeKevin SizemoreNick Gomez, Cedric Sanders

Synopsis: After a deadly virus wipes out most of humanity, the survivors are forced to wait alone in self-sustaining bunkers while the viral threat runs its course. Able to communicate through a networked video interface, the survivors wait for years and slowly become a motley family of sorts.  But their fragile social ecosystem is shattered when, one by one, they start mysteriously disappearing from their bunkers.


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Other Worlds Austin, Dec. 1-4, 2016 (World Premiere)
Newport Beach Film Festival, Apr. 20-27, 2017 (West Coast Premiere)
Sci-Fi London, Apr. 27-May6, 2017 (UK Premiere)
Night Visions Helsinki, Apr. 20-23, 2017 (European Premiere)
Hardline Film Festival, Sept. 28-Oct. 1, 2017 (German Premiere)
FilmQuest, Provo, Utah, Sept. 8-16, 2017
41st Cleveland International Film Festival, Mar. 29-Apr. 9, 2017
Razor Reel, Flanders, Belgium, Oct. 26-31, 2017
42nd Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival, Feb. 10-20, 2017
Origins Film Festival, June 15-17, 2017
Motor City Nightmares Detroit, Apr 28-30, 2017
Fantastic Cinema, Little Rock, May 3-7, 2017
Miami Sci-Fi Film Festival, Jan. 13-16, 2017